GM 3 bar map sensor install for use with DSMLINK VFAQ


Parts needed:

1) GM 3 bar map sensor from  Part number 16040749   $59 shipped 

2) map sensor harness off of a camarobird (or other GM car) in a junkyard: $0-1

            - OR you can get it from NAPA P/N 784524 - GM Weather Pack Triple Male w/seal Housing. 

You will also need male pins for this connector, since it is just an empty shell.  ~$4 for all

            - OR You can get the connector pre-assembled from GM, the part number is 15305891. $17.26 + shipping 

3) Vacuum hose (one foot will be plenty)

4) T connector to splice into the intake manifold boost/vacuum source


Tools needed:

Xacto knife/razor blade, and some vampire connections (or a soldering iron if you plan to solder your connections), and of course some zip ties. 


This VFAQ will assume you have the junkyard MAP connector harness, or you have already assembled your store bought connector


Now I assume you know how to find the MDP sensor.  It is the sensor

that sits on top of the intake manifold of a 2G.  Unplug it, but leave it

in the intake manifold. 



Try to insert the empty Weather Pack connector into the MAP sensor.

It won't go! See those little tabs inside the MAP sensor holes?  Well,

you have to make slits with a razor in the connector you bought to

match.  Here is what it looks like before:



And here it is after the cut:


Here are the connections:

MAP Function MDP

A Ground Black

B Signal Light Green-Black stripe

C +5 Volts Green-Yellow stripe


If you want to solder, that is best, but I just used vampire taps.  Tap the connector into the appropriate lines. 


That's about it.  Hook up the vac lines.  Use a zip tie around each connection.

Tape up your wires with electrical tape, and secure your map sensor somewhere safe.